Program for the summer

alternat_bali - Version 2The results of the investigations led in June and other tools and information will be shared during a 4 days encounter, between 4th and 7th of July, on the barges for peace Bali and Alternat, on the Seine at Juvisy and/or (?) Paris… surprise !

Teams of youngster are already working on the agenda that is profiling as follow…

May – June 2013 in the 13th district of Paris : Training and action « Word Carriers » (a specific methodology of street inquiries) for the project Eau, ma parole ! To know more about it  >>> here !

24/05 in Montreuil : Information and working meeting to form investigation teams, define methodologies and agenda of audits, discuss the agenda for the event on the barges.

25/05 and 26/05 on Paris and its surroundings rivers : Cruise at the Festival de l’Oh ! to take part to the cultural activities on the Seine and Marne, and to meet the volunteers who will be promoting the ECI on water.

End of May – beginning of July 2013 in Paris area : Pluridisciplinary audits of various water activists projects and co-organisation of the event in July.

04/07 – 07/07 on the barges Bali and Alternat : Sharing of the audits results and identified issues on water through participatory workshops.

September 2013 : Meeting with the recently created Public Regional Space for Water.

What’s next : The adventure will continue, with the strengthening of a European Network of Youth mobilised on water, Europie…

Registrations on line >>> here !

For more information the person to contact is :
+33 982 317 384

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